Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I find my home within me under the Jacaranda. Its fragrance... rain, and roses. Today is one of good fortune. My chart and cards, consistent guidance before I step out the door. Interesting.

The good fortune of today is expressed to me in found objects. Isn't it always..? I am given this small book of Buddha's wisdom in my left shirt pocket. I walk, and in a shop, I find the ancient symbol of my order embossed upon an antique piece of movable type, and buy it for the same. An eye of providence for an eye of providence. It rests in the small right pocket of my Levi's, the place my late brother intended as the place where working men carry their light, the divine fire being in their hearts. I'm looking for work, so I find it. I tell a red cross volunteer that I only have my time to donate, so we agree to help alleviate this second great depression. In hoc signo vinces. The lottery is at 53mil. I buy a ticket.

Now I sit on a bench, writing, remembering the time a teacher whose name I forget due to a traumatic experience of his negative example roared above our seminar that I was not a valuable contributor to his class. It was Philosophy in Literature. I dared assert that forgetfulness is sometimes an active quality, and one does not accomplish positive results via negative action. I was therefore confronted with the realization that I am low born; then provoked to leave as above. My consolation, that this man believes I am worth nothing... so that is precisely what I owe him for this lesson.

While I listen to my stream of consciousness, waiting for the next train of thought, my lady arrives for our walk through the rose garden. She is Freyja. A child notices a butterfly has lost its wing. My lady loves the smell of roses almost to a fault. Disappointment is to experience these with no fragrance. Lucky to taste Jasmine brings her joy.


  1. It's a crime that you haven't been writing. This is exceptionally rich. Don't stop.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. You are a good friend.